• Talking about the meaning of learning Chinese

    My daughter is already ten years old, and she doesn't even know a Chinese character. This is an emergency for me to be a father. Foreigners do not dare to underestimate Chinese, and all know its importance on earth because of its language of more than one billion people. Therefore, there are quite a few wrong people of other ethnic groups who are unwilling to follow up and study hard. As a Chinese, even my own language and culture do not understand, how to say it can not be said, at least not worthy of forgiveness. I am bitterly enlightening my daughter. When you grow up to work, perhaps China, whose economy is developing at a time, China will undoubtedly become a world economic power. It is full of opportunities everywhere, providing a stage for those who are willing to display, even more than the United States. More than nothing! If you don't understand Chinese, chances are big and you won't miss it, let alone a piece of it. In the end, I was scared, and I didn’t forget to add a bit of grievance to the crisis. I like my daughter who knows what I don’t understand, and I’m very reluctant to nod. People who are used to learning English feel that it is not easy to learn Chinese. Just as we are used to learning Chinese, we always feel that learning English is like a mouse biting a saw. 26 letters and pinyin letters are easy to confuse, but also to memorize the tone, not at all vague, otherwise it is another word! Moreover, the horizontal and learning English is only a 26-letter rule patchwork, so that children who are used to learning English, go back to learn Chinese intuition and feel dizzy. On the first day of the Chinese class at the Manpower Center, my daughter just left the school gate. I saw the tears of my daughter. I have already turned around in my eyes. It is a bit of a grievance. I didn't dare to blame my daughter, fearing that it would be counterproductive, and letting my cold words annihilate the enthusiasm of the children. I only encourage my daughter to avoid discouragement. Then I went to the nearby ice cream shop to buy her daughter's favorite ice cream and gave her material rewards. In this way, she barely stabilized her daughter's emotions, and her tears did not come out. When I got home, my daughter was doing her homework, and I was not allowed to be her tutor. The course really started with b p m f, and the text was written from "I, you, him". The tone of the daughter was out of tune, and I corrected it repeatedly until there was no English accent. Then there is a hand-shake, a stroke from the small place. Two hours later, my daughter was in a noisy and resentful mood, and with my hard and soft application, I finally completed the homework assigned by the teacher. The next day, the teacher first opened the test to test the students' reading ability, and then closed the book. The daughter actually scored 85 points and ranked first in the class among more than 30 students! The first battle was successful, the results were gratifying, and her daughter’s natural confidence doubled. I am also very happy with my heart, and I will not be able to praise him. I will not forget the hot iron and continue to encourage my daughter. The energy of learning in my daughter’s heart was encouraged by me to rise. Later, with her unremitting efforts, the Chinese level has made gratifying progress. After a summer vacation, my daughter actually learned nearly two hundred Chinese characters. Although the words are still written and twisted, the pronunciation is accurate. It is important to keep each word in mind and write it down. I took out the Chinese books and pointed to the words I just finished studying. I was free to test my daughter. My daughter was also fluent in answering the questions. Nothing was wrong. It was really commendable and made me happy. From knowing Chinese to having a deep affection for her, the daughter taught me only in a short period of two months. This may be due to the blood of the Chinese nation. I always feel that no matter who, doing anything, with feelings and enthusiasm, and then go all the way, the effect will be twice the result with half the effort. I am determined to let my daughter go down to Chinese literature until she can easily read the Chinese newspapers and write in Chinese, and carry forward the Chinese language and culture and blossom in the foreign countries. I thought that if I did this, I would not be a descendant of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor!


    11-30 / 2018

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